Pushing Through Pain

photo (3)Here it is Day Three since my surgery and the nerve block just wore off. Now I’m beginning to get an idea of what pain really comes with ACL repair. You don’t know? Well imagine that there are a five sadistic torturers sitting right next to you who take sharp serrated knives and stab your knee every time you move. That’s close to what it feels like. If you multiply by seven.
Now I know I’m supposed to do these range of motion exercises which are simply bending and straightening the leg but the sadists keep jabbing me with their blades every time I move. The doctor says to bend ninety degrees. Ninety? Hello. Even half that is excruciating.
Come on Laurie, you can do it. I tell myself while cradling my leg. Take a deep breath and go slow.

My knee is as stiff as rigor mortis at first but by the fourth try it bends.  Counting, I breathe in and out.  “…seven, eight, nine..”

Push through. Go farther.

And I do.


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