Baby Steps

172I’m walking into the doctor’s office for my two week follow up since ACL surgery. A time to get stitches out and ask those nagging questions at the back of my mind. Am I doing the exercises correctly? Did I hurt anything by doing 100 reps instead of thirty? How soon can I do weights at the gym? Can I swim?

And most of all, how long do I have to wear this stupid brace that makes me walk like a peg leg in an old black and white pirate flick?

My doctor snips the blue nylon and pulls the stitches out with a needle-nosed instrument.” Ouch, that one hurt,” I say as he mumbles normal normal a couple of times. Next, he asks me to straighten my leg and bend my leg,  nods approvingly when I can.  I’ll have to admit that I am pretty proud of doing my exercises so religiously to get to this point.

“Time to start walkng without the brace,” he says demonstrating a careful tread across the floor. Baby steps at first and then more and more as your leg gets stronger.

Embarrassed to try in front of him I just ask my questions before thanking him

But once home I rip off the brace and take my first tentative steps across the floor. Strange to feel my naked leg shaking as I go heal toe from the kitchen to the living room.  Wobbling, I reach out an arm for the couch and make it.

My first baby steps.

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