Stop Child Abuse

stophandWhen I saw this letter, I was sick. How could a boy who  lived just minutes from my home die so horribly?  He could have been one of my students, or yours. Support and report!


We read the tragic news about Jack Garcia, a 9 year old Goleta boy who was beaten and tortured to death by his mother and her boyfriend. Jack attended Brandon school until February, when his family moved to Maryland. We don’t know if CWS received any reports about this family, but Jack’s story is an important reminder to not be silent. Anyone who suspects child abuse can make a report to CWS by calling the Child Welfare Service hotline at (800) 367-0166. CWS often refers families to CALM for support and family strengthening. When CALM receives referrals from CWS through our Front Porch program, we reach out to the family to see how we can help. Last year, CALM received 508 referrals to our Front Porch program and provided service to 435 families. We have found that when we make contact with families, we are able to prevent re-referrals to CWS 95% of the time. I wish we had been able to help Jack. Here  is information on how you can make a report and how to recognize abuse. We know there are other children like Jack in our community who need our help. CALM is expanding our Child Abuse Treatment work to serve more children countywide. To honor Jack’s memory and support CALM’s work preventing and treating child abuse, please consider a donation today.

CALM will not be silent for as long as it takes.

Cecilia Rodriguez, MFT
Executive Director Child Abuse Listening Mediation/CALM

2 thoughts on “Stop Child Abuse

  1. Jack was a student of Ellwood School and his grandmother was responsible for him, not his mother. The abuse happened in Maryland when mom was in charge (or rather not). Her boyfriend is giving a good character reference for the mom but in reality she was completely responsible for putting jack in harms way. She did not send him to school knowing he has special needs. She allowed a know child abuser (her boyfriend abused his own daughter) to assault her son. She claims she is not guilty but if that is not a picture of guilt, what is.

    1. It is heartbreaking to think that a parent could allow such a tragedy to occur. I can only hope that bringing attention to the horrific consequences of child abuse will prevent is somewhere in the future.

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