Avoiding Bullies in One Quick Lesson


If children do not understand  how to recognize bullying behavior, how can they stop it? Here is a quick lesson you can use to help your students avoid bullies.

Materials: Graphic of web worksheet for each child. Chart paper, white board or electronic whiteboard.


  1. Create a web on chart paper, white board or electronic whiteboard with “HOW TO AVOID BULLIES” in the center and  the outer circles empty.download
  1. Ask the students to come up with ways characters in film or literature were able to defeat/avoid bullies peacefully. Write ideas in two bubbles.
  2. Instruct students to share more ideas with partners or in small groups. They should agree that all ideas are peaceful, win-win, solutions.
  3. Once partners or groups agree that solutions are non-violent they fill in the rest of the bubbles.
  4. After a few minutes share the responses. Groups present their webs to the class while the teacher leads the class in a discussion of which ones  were the most appropriate. For example, if one group wrote, “Tell the bully she’s ugly,” the class could then debate about whether that would be a good choice.
  5. As an extension, students could sketch a cartoon, poster, or painting of positive ways to avoid bullies.

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