Anti-Bully 24/7: Oops, I Forgot

Thoughtful article about inclusiveness. Thank you for reminding us to be compassionate.

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Oops, I Forgot

Getting left out hurts. It can destroy someone’s self-esteem and make them feel alone. Whether it’s obvious or not, this is a type of bullying. Being left out is not physical, it is emotional. It hurts just as much as name-calling or anything else.

When done intentionally, it’s a type of bullying. However, the person may not be aware that they are leaving you out. Tell them and talk to them about how you’re feeling. I know it’s scary but if they don’t know, then they can’t fix it. If they do know, and it’s intentional, then you need to reevaluate their place in your life.

I have been this person before. I have been left out of something intentionally and when I confronted this person, they gave me some on-the-spot excuse. Being left out makes people feel unwanted and alone. But a lot of the time…

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