Book Launched!

Are you an introverted author like me? Would you rather roll over hot

cropfs - Copy
My new novel

coals naked than do public speaking? Do you break into a cold sweat just imagining being the center of attention?  We writers are a mixed bunch, but as observers, many of us shy away from taking center stage. Well, if you’re launching a new book, waiting in the wings will not sell copies. I know, I had a field of dreams attitude when I published Artania: The Pharaohs’ Cry. Write it and they will come. Well, they didn’t. Oh, I’ve steadily sold a few books, sure. But nothing like I’d imagined.


So when it was time to publish Forest Secrets I decided to do it right. Hot coals and cold sweats be damned. This time, I’d launch with a scream instead of whisper. We’d have a party and invite everyone, their cousin, their brother and their cousin’s cousin. But first I needed a 10394552_10153068563742221_2548028625675952024_nvenue.

I’d remembered that the owner of Toy Zoo: Anything Educational, Marc Canigiula, had suggested hosting an event at his bookstore when I told him I was publishing a new book. I  was scared to  ask but figured the worst he could say is no. So I headed over, marched inside, and with a gulp asked him if he’d like to host my book launch. My jaw dropped to the floor when he said yes. Not  only that, he’d help me organize the event.

I was flabbergasted and, I’ll admit it, overwhelmed. But I scooped my jaw off the floor and got to work. And the results? A resounding success. I had 75 people attend and sold close to 50 books.

If you are planning your own book launch, here are a few tips:

  1. Start early. Post the upcoming publication on your social media sites. Get over your author humility and brag a little.
  2. Print up invitations. I use Vista Print for quality and value, but there are reasonably priced printers everywhere. Make it look as professional as you can afford, Here’s mine:
  3. previewHave a theme with activities for the attendees. Since most of Forest Secrets  takes place in the woods with mystical creatures, I had leaf coloring, green tape leading kids on a scavenger hu1052nt throughout the store, and mask making.1062
  4. Decorate your book signing table according to your theme. Here’s how I did mine.
  5. 1012Send out notices to local publications. Don’t just focus on newspapers. Be creative. Our school district newsletter did a write up that went out to thousands of employees.
  6. But most of all, have fun! It’s your moment. Enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Book Launched!

  1. Congratulations on your book launch! Hope that the book sale will sky rocket. I am sure that your book is great! 😊

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