Forest Secrets by Laurie Woodward – Book Review

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forest secrets book (3)

Today I am a reviewing a book called Forest Secrets by Laurie Woodward.

The book is 150 pages and written for young adults.  The heroine is 11 years old, and I feel the best age for reading the book would be 8-13 years of age.

At the root of it, this book is about friendships.  Daisy is new to the area and meets a mystical creature in the forest named Calliandra.  Calliandra, a tree that can take a form resembling a human,  is searching for her parents. Daisy is searching for adventure and new friends.  In the process of discovering what has happened to Calliandra’s parents, they meet Albert, who quickly joins with them in their search.  The search leads them to discover the underhanded operations of some unscrupulous men whose only goal is to make money.  The friendship between the three keeps them going, even when they get into…

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