Forest Secrets: A Magical Mystery Novel

Thanks for the kind words. I had a blast writing it!

Ramblings from a Redhead

I received a great book for free in exchange form my review.  The book is “Forest Secrets: A Magical Mystery Novel” but Laurie Woodward.


     This book was a fantastic read. The book is marked for Young Adults. For me (an adult), it was short and easy to read but it wasn’t boring. There are fantastic lessons in the book as well such as making new friends and helping the environment. I feel like this book could be for both girls and boys, but I do think that girls would like it more. I don’t want to go too far into what the book is about, but it also talks a little bit about the struggles of losing a parent, both from the parent leaving and from the parent passing away. This aspect of the book would be beneficial to children dealing with situations such as those. The book…

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