Forest Secrets” Available Free from Amazon for a Limited Time

This Young Adult Novel is a Perfect Read in Honor of Earth Day
Forest Secrets by Laurie Woodward
Forest Secrets by Laurie Woodward

April 20, 2016PRLog — The half-tree, half-human beings lived a secret existence deep in the old growth forest. Until now. When 11-year old Daisy Castillo discovers a plot to destroy the forest, she tries to halt the approaching evil while keeping these magical creatures from being discovered. But danger waits in every shadow. For if these corrupt men succeed, the Forest People will die. A few surprises are in store, as some unknown and undiscovered friendships hold the key to her success. Fate hangs in the balance as Daisy faces her deepest fears, including heartbreak from the past, to rise up against all odds.

Suspenseful, mysterious, and full of danger, Forest Secrets captures the enchantment of nature and the power of friendship in this classic tale of good vs. evil.

Available free from April 22 – April 26 in honor of Earth Day from Amazon

Praise for Forest Secrets

“If you’re looking for a great read for your child, this is a perfect story that can really teach your children about nature, wildlife preservation, and endangered species.”

“A Five Star Adventure!”

“A Beautiful Story that Hints of a Hidden World All Around Us”

“From the prologue it will have you hooked and wanting to know more.”

“Forest Secrets is perfect for students to read independently in grades 4-8. Teachers could easily use this book as an interactive read aloud to encourage predecting and inferring.”

“A classic tale of good against evil, it uses magical forest creatures half-human, half-tree, to touch on the sensitive subject of deforestation.”

About the Author
Laurie Woodward is a fifth-grade school teacher and the author of the fantasy book Artania: The Pharaohs’ Cry. She also co-authored the award-winning book titled Dean & JoJo: The Dolphin Legacy(soon to be released as a film-featured biopic on the Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet) with dolphin naturalist Dean Bernal and she was a collaborator on the Dean and JoJo anti-bullying DVD,Resolutions.

In addition to writing, Laurie is an award winning peace consultant who helps educators teach children how to stop bullying, avoid arguments, and maintain healthy friendships. Laurie writes her novels in the coastal towns of California. Learn more by visiting

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International Essay Contest for Young People

Language for Peace Forum

Organized by The Goi Peace Foundation

This annual essay contest is organized in an effort to harness the energy, imagination and initiative of the world’s youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development. It also aims to inspire society to learn from the young minds and to think about how each of us can make a difference in the world.

*This program is an activity of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

Theme: “Education to Build a Better Future for All”
We live in a world with many complex problems, both local and global. What kind of education and learning would help us address these challenges and create a sustainable world and a better life for all? Describe your concrete ideas for an ideal education.


  1. Essays may be submitted by anyone up to 25 years old (as of June 15, 2016)…

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Let My Students Read

Reading should be joy that is shared with children. Thanks for reminding us of this.

Pernille Ripp

My friend John Spencer had shared this on Facebook tonight

As I got ready to share the quote myself, the comment below it caught my eye…

“It’s also the job of the school to push children to read books that challenge them and take them out of their comfort zone.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Nate, and Captain Underpants are fine for kids to read and enjoy at home, but teachers should not permit them in the classroom. They provide no educational benefit.”

And I knew I couldn’t stay silent.  I knew I had to respond even though I try to not get into it with anyone on Facebook.  Even though I didn’t know the commentator and that I might be opening myself up to an argument I don’t feel like having as I wind down on a Sunday night.  But when something like that is said, I have…

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