Never Giving Up

I love writing. It takes me to places beyond. Centering and providing catharsis.

At the same time, I’m like anyone, and want recognition. Others to say, I see with your eyes and it’s beautiful. So for years I’ve sent out poems, stories, manuscripts, queries, synopsis hoping to land a book deal.

And got more rejections than I can count. Until I started to doubt whether anyone would like my work.


What did I do? Stop writing? Hell no. Instead I submitted to anthologies and smaller presses. Got a few things published too. Waited. Queried some more. Then I went the indie route with Artania and Forest Secrets.  Even hit Amazon top twenty.

But I wanted more so I kept querying. Until today. It happened. A publisher offered me a contract. They said, “We’ve already reviewed your MS and would be happy to offer you a publishing contract with Creativia. There’s definite market potential with your writing, and the team believes your book has a bright future in the marketplace.”

I love writing!

3 thoughts on “Never Giving Up

  1. Great job Laurie❣️
    ‘Persistence is omnipotent’ hung on my wall throughout my teen years and took me to higher heights than anyone would have predicted and I can see you have melded passions with persistence and are being justly rewarded. Good for you — especially your ‘paying it forward’.
    You write sweet dreams…

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