Hello, Friends!
These last few months have been so amazing, I keep having to pinch myself just
to make sure I’m not dreaming. First, ever since its launch on August 8th, The
Pharaohs’ Cry has stayed in the top ten for art books on Amazon for seven
weeks straight. Thank you to my publisher, Creativia for their wonderful
marketing. Artania II is now with the editor and should be released around
Christmas. In this book Mona Lisa has been kidnapped by Renaissance pirates
and its up to my two young heroes, along with their new sidekick, Gwen, to
rescue her.
In September, my short story about an anthropologist alien was published in
Coastal Dunes: A CWC Anthology. It was fun channeling an alien who tries to
keep her cool while pounding music begs her feet to dance. Tee hee!
In addition to starting the school year with a new crop of 5th graders, coaching
Student Council and Battle of the Books, and trying to navigate a new language
arts adoption, I’ve been working on a couple of new projects. I’m about five
chapters into Artania IV which will take place during the French Impressionist
period, drafted some paranormal short stories, and continued to work on a
coming of age novel. Lots of research into the Impressionist period, rock and roll
of the 1970’s, and influencers of both times. If any of you have special insight to
add to my files, please send it on.
This is an amazing time for me. Thank you all for your continued support. And
may your art be true

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