Artania II: Soon to be Released

Mona Lisa kidnapped? Her father, Leonardo, in tears? A land on the edge of destruction?  What will the Deliverers do?

It has been a year since Alex and Bartholomew first ventured into the mystical Artania.  Once again they are called upon to keep this art-created world safe. For if they don’t rescue Mona Lisa from the pirates before she is taken to Subterranea. the Renaissance Nation will fall.

But peril waits at every turn.

Traitorous Pirates. Fearful gods and goddesses. Monsters of the deep.

A world’s safety lies in the hands three twelve-year-olds. Alex and Bartholomew with their spunky sidekick Gwen will venture into Artania again and try to wrench the kidnapped Mona Lisa from the hands of traitorous pirates.

Will they be successful? Read The Kidnapped Smile and find out.

Coming Soon.

Kidnapped Smile Book Trailer

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