Sugar Purge: Week 2

Okay, I’ll admit it, I fell off the wagon this last week. There were all of these maple-topped, fluffy, deep-fried donuts in the break room. For free! So I ate one.  Or two. Or…

But that wasn’t where my cheat began, oh no. It started during recess when that one pound Dove Valentine heart began to call to me. She kept saying, “Come on. I’m the finest chocolate. You won’t gain a pound. Or feel any effect. I promise.”

So I cracked open the box, unwrapped the foil, and took a bite. Feeling, well,  heaven. My heart slowed, the world looked prettier, and my breathing calmed as the creamy milk chocolate slid down my throat. Then another. Yum! And a third. A fourth. Before I knew it, half the heart was gone.


And my gut was killing me.

But did I stop there? Oh no. The next day I did the same thing. During recess. At lunch. And after school. Until all I had was an empty wrapper.


And more joint pain. Lethargy. Stomach aches.  Depression.

Friday I decided to go cold turkey again, and have avoided sugar for two days now. Feeling better, I’ll try to say no, but when it’s right in front of you and work is stressing you out, man oh man, is it hard.

But my health is worth it.


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