Have you ever put a mirror in front of a toddler and watch her smile? That baby loves the face in the glass.  But then place that same mirror in front of an eleven-year-old and what does she do? Pick herself apart. By 21 most women, myself included,  could give you a laundry list of a hundred things they want to change. For me it was,  My nose is too long, my thighs too heavy, my hair is a frizzy wig, and oh shit another zit! Why can’t I have skin like Erin and a nose like Pam?

You know. It goes on and on.

What happens in those years? Why do we go from seeing our beauty to the opposite?

I believe it’s acceptance. Such a simple word. Easy to define. It’s something a child does without question. But adults, no way.

Today I woke up to yesterday’s smeared mascara, depressing book sales, hair I have no idea what to do with, and a chapter I can’t seem to finish.

And began to beat myself up.

Then I thought. What mirror always reflects the toddler I once was? What reflection is always beautiful? And I realized, my expression. My creativity.

So instead of looking in the mirror and at royalty reports I wrote.

And began to feel acceptance.

A teacher, Laurie Woodward is the author of  several novels including Forest Secrets, and the fantasy series The Artania ChroniclesShe also cowrote Dean and JoJoThe Dolphin Legacy and was a collaborator on the popular anti-bullying DVD Resolutions. Bullied as a child, Laurie is now an award-winning peace consultant and blogger who helps teach children how to avoid arguments, stop bullying, and maintain healthy friendships. She writes her novels on the Central Coast of California.

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