My First Audio Book!

A few months back I was out to lunch with some author friends of mine talking shop. I’m always interested in new ways my colleagues might be sharing their work and was excited when several told me that Audible is not only easy, but affordable. And it helped to get a wider audience for books.

So I decided to give it a try.

I was surprised how pain free the process was. All I had to do was create a script, post a job on the ACX website, and wait for the audition tapes to come in.

And I tell you that when the auditions began to arrive I was a giddy kid. It was thrilling to hear the different ways that various actors interpreted Artania. One man made if very goofy and silly, a bit like Dr. Seuss. Another had a  raspy voice, nearly whispering each word.

But the actor I liked the best was K. C. Wayman. His deep rich voice reminded me of classically trained actors such as Kenneth Branagh, Patrick Stewart, or Lawrence Oliver. I approached him with an offer, which he soon accepted.

And we were off.

Within weeks I was able to sit back, close my eyes, and experience Artania: The Pharaoh’s Cry  in a whole new way.  For me it was an unmatched thrill.

How did he do? Give this sample a listen and decide for yourself.

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