Dolphin Legacy Contract!

I just signed a publishing contract with Creativia for The Dolphin Legacy, one I co-wrote with dolphin naturalist Dean Bernal.

Imagine ocean swimming in crystalline waters. All alone. Then three small dolphins join you. They’re all splashing, clicking, and whistling but one young male keeps staring as if he has known you since the days of Atlantian myth.

That’s what happened to Dean Bernal in the turquoise waters off the Turks and Caicos Islands. In that moment, his friendship with a wild bottlenose dolphin, named JoJo, began. He didn’t know it then, but their relationship would become world famous, inspiring millions.

After the death of his two dolphin companions due to human ignorance, JoJo grew closer to Dean. This lone, social dolphin introduced him to the waters and fellow creatures of his ocean realm and provided me with an extraordinary gift previously bestowed to no human: the secret life of a wild dolphin.

A Dolphin’s Legacy: The Story of Dean and JoJo

When Dean told me he was lowering the price of his ebook because Discovery’s Animal Planet had plans to air Dolphins I couldn’t help but spend some time reflecting.51TsZtDmxVL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_

A few years back I had the honor or working with naturalist and dolphin advocate, Dean Bernal, on his biopic. I spent months interviewing him, taking notes, and learning about his relationship with one amazing bottlenose dolphin named JoJo. I even traveled to Turks and Caicos to swim in JoJo’s crystal blue waters, seeing for myself the impact Dean had had on this beautiful creature. I am so proud to have been one small part of a story that moved me beyond words.

And am so glad that more people can now share in this inspirational story. Available on