About Laurie


Everyone has a magical place within them that is absolutely unique. For some, it’s painting, or acting, while others, like myself, find joy in dance and storytelling. Whether I am teaching, writing, or revising one of my projects, I believe it’s my job to honor that creative place inside us all.

That’s what this blog is all about: inspiring creativity and helping others find that place where everything else fades away. We no longer are a name or a size or a color, we are imagination. And when we pass on that inspiration to children, amazing things happen.

I am a school teacher on the Central Coast of California, mother of two beautiful souls: Nick and Jess, and the author of Forest Secrets as well as the fantasy series: The Artania Chronicles. The first four books, The Pharaohs’ Cry,  Kidnapped Smile, Dragon Sky, and Portal Rift published by Next Chapter in the Peculiar Possum imprint are available on Amazon with plans to release two more in the upcoming year. My poetry, excerpts from my novels, and short stories have been published in anthologies such as Hudson View and Shifting Sands. In addition to writing I was also a collaborator on the award-winning Dean and JoJo anti-bullying DVD, Resolutions and work as a peace consultant helping other teachers educate kids on how to stop bullying, promote peace, and avoid conflicts. I co-wrote Dean and JoJo: The Dolphin Legacy also available on Amazon.

Welcome to my blog!

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