I’m Episode 21!

“You want to interview me? I’d be honored,” I said when Joseph Williams III first contacted me about  doing an interview. Being a 2604597little shy, I was nervous about this, but Mr. Williams made it easy with a pre-interview questionnaire to prepare me. 

Who is Joseph Williams III?

Joseph Williams III is  the founder of MyK12career.com and the MyK12Career Radio Podcast. As a school principal in Missouri, he is committed to building a network that will help educators advance in their school leadership career.  His career highlights include Special Education Teacher, Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Principal and now Principal. He founded Myk12career.com to be a valuable resource for anyone who wanted to enter the K-12 field or advance in their K-12 career. He interviews educators from around the world who are doing outstanding work in their field and then podcasts these to thousands of followers via his popular website, myk12career.com. He is also the author of Build Your K12 Professional Brand, available on line.

And I was honored to be among one of those of those chosen. Thank you, Mr. Williams, for making this interview so easy for me and for the opportunity to share my passion about anti-bullying and writing. It was an absolute pleasure to be on your show.

The link is below. I’m episode 21.



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