Dark Crusade: A Divorce Poem

Long ago there was a little girl

Who had two fathers.

One was present

The other absent.


As she grew

She wished they could trade places.

And one day they did

But they received identical index fingers

In the exchange.

Two imputable Musketeer swords

Pointed and crossed,

Secret signals

Bidding charges at the mother:

We denounce her as Vilifier.

Our recompense will be her blood.


And so it was

That in their recriminatory cries

An ignoble cause was born.

And they thrust their blades silently

In glorious abandonment.



But in all their dark crusades

In lands both far and near

Seeking reprisal for deeds

Both true

And imagined

They never knew that

The mother stood strong

In her adult armor

While the child

Lay bleeding

In a heap on the floor.


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