For thousands of years we have been the guardians. We have watched over villages, farms, and cottages. We have kept your gardens clear of hares, your fields free from ravens, and your livestock safe from our cousin canis lupus. You have seen us in shadow and felt our presence when the winter wind makes you fasten that top button of your coat.

We once numbered in the millions. Like the buffalo we covered the land. Keeping men, women, and children safe. Helping them to multiply and grow. And as mankind spread to the six continents, so did we.

Then you developed new technologies. Electric fences. High powered rifles. Broadband poisons. Your food source was secure. And we were seldom needed.

Without your need, we began to die out. First from the townships of Europe. Then the Asian mountains. We thought we were stronger in the Southern Hemisphere. But in the Australian Outback and the Amazon Forest no more of our kind were born. We even disappeared from the African continent.  From Cairo to Capetown, every one of us is but a memory.

And now we are so few that a small meadow could hold us all. While we try to convince ourselves that we are still important. We safeguard you after all. But it is a lie. We know you no longer need us. The old ways are gone. And soon so will we.

We are the Lycanthropes. And this is our story.

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