A Mentor’s Message

On November 26, 2017 Gary and Becky Kennedy hosted a living memorial/celebration of all things David Burnight/Tuesday night dinner reunion/open circle/party/or anything else you would like to call it gathering for this man. Although very ill with cancer, he spoke about his legacy: Intersection House.

Intersection House was a communal home on San Diego State’s campus for people, like me, who believe in a better world. For dreamers and activists. For searchers and spiritualists. For Christians and Buddhists and Jews; and others just trying to figure it all out. It was my home during my senior year. And continues to be my home.

Because of this amazing man.

One thought on “A Mentor’s Message

  1. Just saw this video and so appreciate it
    Brought me back to knowing Dave ’78-80 at Intersection House
    We lived in converted school bus and anchored through him and wise spirit and much love
    Thanks for sharing

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