Hoarfrost Barricade: A Poem

He stands behind a glass wall

Inviting me to look through

Its streaked opaqueness

Gyrating his hips

And flashing a nipple.


As if seeing his skin

Will make me believe that

His heart is open.


He turns this way and that



Forcing my breath to come

Ever faster.


Then retreats.

One step


I press my fingers to

The glass

Each exhalation

Fogging his image.


He retreats further.

And I search for a


To smash through this barricade







Icy slivers tear through flesh

And open veins

We bleed.

And for a moment


What truly

Beats in our chests.


The author of The Pharaoh’s Cry,  Portal Shift, Kidnapped Smile, and Dragon Sky from the fantasy series The Artania Chronicles,  as well as the middle-grade Forest Secrets. Laurie Woodward  co-wrote Dean and JoJoThe Dolphin Legacy. Her poetry has been published in multiple journals and anthologies and she was a collaborator on the popular anti-bullying DVD Resolutions. Bullied as a child, Laurie is now an award-winning peace consultant, poet,  and blogger who helps teach children how to avoid arguments, stop bullying, and maintain healthy friendships. She writes on the Central Coast of California. More about her work can be found at artania.net

One thought on “Hoarfrost Barricade: A Poem

  1. Hi there! I really love your poems❤️. Would you like to…. Judge my poetry competition on Tuesday? Please let me know ASAP.
    I would love it if you do. 💕
    Also as a prize, would you publish the winners poem? Please let me know ASAP.
    Your fan😍

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