My Publisher Chose Artania!

I recently got this exciting email from my publisher.

“Your following titles have entered the Creativia Funnel:

Artania – The Pharaoh’s Cry

This self-evolving platform is the next step in Creativia’s path to capture both niche markets and larger categories in the Amazon marketplace. While all of our books receive ongoing marketing (through AMS, BookBub and our 70+ partners), this is the first time we’ve combined all of our marketing functions together into one seamless platform. No further action is necessary from your part, but here are some things you can do to ensure that your book will get the maximum benefit:

– Make sure your book has as many reviews as possible in the marketplace (the funnel works best with books with 100+ reviews)

– Ensure that your author photo in Amazon is of high quality, and that your Amazon Author Central information is complete (incl. editorial reviews, if any). For great examples on author bios and photos, please have a look at the Amazon Top 100 authors.

– Spread the word about your discount and free promotions

Congratulations, and good luck!”

Yahoo! And thanks to Creativia Publishing for believing in my work!


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